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Ayla yo! Ayla is a tough young woman from 65,000,000 BC, and she should not be trifled with. She has amazing endurance, and her strength is incredible, so she uses no weapons for her fists are perfect for damaging the enemy. She also has no magic ability because she was born before the time in which magic flourished, but with her strength, who needs magic?
Ayla admires strength in all people: man or woman. She is also the chief of a tribe of people from a village called Ioka, and she says if anything is to happen to her, Kino will become chief. The others don't like it when she talks as if she might die, but they are awed at her dedication to her cause.
Ayla and her tribe often have to deal with a neighboring village called Laruba and the Reptites, a race of humanoid reptillians led by Azala. Ioka fights the Reptites, but Laruba always hides even though its people have an advantage by being able to call the dactyl. Reptites eventually find and burn down Laruba. Although the Laruban chief blames her for Laruba's destruction, Ayla, being the kind soul she is, took in the Laruban people as her own and allowed them to live in Ioka. She also asks the Laruban chief to give her the secret of calling upon the dactyl so she can defeat the Reptites, but he first. After some frustration on Ayla's part, she finally convinces him to give her the secret, and she can now make her way to the Reptite lair to destroy it, as the Reptites are quite an annoyance and a threat to Ioka and Laruba.
Throughout the game, Ayla is very useful (when you can have her). Do yourself a favor, and keep her in your party when you go to 12,000 BC. When Dalton captures your party, he also steals your weapons. >.< However, if you have Ayla with you, you can break out of your prison cell no problem and find the other party members' weapons without having to worry about being caught and thrown back into the cell.

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