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Ayla yo! When was this site first created?
October 4th, 2000.

Why did you make this shrine?
Well, to my knowledge, there are very few Chrono Trigger character shrines, and I don't think there are any dedicated to Ayla. Plus, a few days ago, I just realised what a great character she is to have around.

Why is this site called Kave Kitten? And why do you spell "cave" with a "k"?
I called the site Kave Kitten because Ayla is a cave woman, and reminds me of a cat. She also has attacks that deal with cats (e.g. Cat Attack, Tail Spin). I spelt "cave" with a "k" because I wanted the title to have the same first letter of each word. Otherwise, it would have been Cave Cat, and I like the word kitten better. Besides the other option I later thought of was Dumb Blonde (but thought better of it because someone might be offended even though it describes Aylachan perfectly).

What do you use to make your graphics, and what do you use when writing your HTML?
For graphics, I use Paint Shop Pro 6.0, and for HTML, I hand code everything in Microsoft Notepad. Editors are cheating. =P

Can I use your images?
If you want me to call my rabid squirrels to eat you.
All of the images found on this page (except the fan art unless I drew it) have been edited by me, and I won't be very happy if I find my edited images on your page. Understood? *rabid squirrels' eyes glow red and stare at you from the shadows*

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