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Ayla yo! Kino is Ayla's boyfriend, but he can be insecure at times. He is sweet, but he does childish and stupid things out of jealousy. When Ayla throws a party for Crono, Kino cannot understand why. "You outsiders. But Ayla give party. Why?"
He fears Ayla no longer likes him best, and after Crono is asleep, he steals the gate key. When Ayla finds out, she's pissed and slaps Kino. She says, "Kino! You know why I punish?" He replies, "Kino like Ayla best, but Ayla like Crono. Ayla not like Kino!" to which Ayla responds, "No! Ayla like Kino BEST! No more do bad things, okay?" Ayla wants him to give "thing" back to Crono, but he can't because the Reptites stole it. Kino feels really bad and apologizes to everyone. He then says that he will try to be strong just like Crono.
I am pretty sure that Ayla and Kino later marry (awwww...^_^) and have children (a pregnant that would be an interesting sight) resulting in the births of Zeal, Schala, and Janus.

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